A European Passport

Ensure a brighter future and lasting legacy for your family with a European citizenship. With a one-time investment of 500,000 euros in Portugal, you can secure a passport today.

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European Passport

A European passport opens doors to 27 different countries, providing  rights and protections to open businesses, own property, live, work, and access free health and education systems.

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Without leaving your home, you and your family can qualify for a passport in as quick as 5 years.  Portugal offers the most direct way to achieve citizenship through investment.

Its Easier Than You Think

With over 20,000 individuals successfully going through the process at a near 100% success rate it just comes down to submitting the paperwork.  Our team of experts provide a custom concierge service to help you navigate and complete the process effortlessly

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The Green Golden Visa
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3 Simple Steps to Complete the Process

In as quick as 30 days


A Portuguese law firm will first help you apply for a NIF (tax id) which is required to open up a bank account in Portugal which is required to make an investment.


To qualify for the Golden Visa program in Portugal an investment into a fund like Pela Terra is required.

Submit Application

Your lawyer will fill out an application with your help and supporting documents and submit this to SEF (immigration authority) along with your proof of investment.

The Green Standard in Golden Visa Investments

Innovation requires that you break from the pack.  In 2021 Pela Terra Farmland made three groundbreaking moves: launching the nation's first agribusiness fund, identifying a better way to protect investor capital, and introducing sustainable impact investing to Golden Visa seekers.  With Pela Terra Farmland now over subscribed, we present the follow-on fund, Pela Terra II: Regenerate

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